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Car rental terms and conditions

TERMS AND CONDITIONS – Rental Car Albania 2020 

Rent Prices Includes:

  • Use of the Vehicle (Albania and abroad)
  • Full Insurance (TPL and Casco)
  • Kilometers Without Limit only to within the borders of Albania
  • Emergency road 24 Hour Assistance
  • Sale taxes

 Rent NOT Includes:

  • Fuel
  • Traffic fines – The Driver is fully liable. 10 EURO commission is charged for each fine.
  • Green Card for Out of Albania(Green Card)

Documents: To get rented  scooters, quads or cars, each customer must submit:

  • Passports or Identity Cards
  • Driver License (release date should be at least two years before the date of renting the vehicle)

Minimal rental period 1 day.


  • Full to Full
  • All Rented Vehicles are delivered to, or collected by, the renter with a full tank of fuel. Refueling Fee of 1.5 euro per litter it is applied.


  • To rent rented vehicles, each customer must give a guarantee until returning to the vehicle.
  •  The guarantee deposit depends on the type of vehicle and starts at 100Euro. That may be used to cover any damages made to the car, that may occur during the period of car rent. When returning the car the lessee must also pay for the consumed fuel in the fuel tank, since the renter always provides a car with the full fuel tank.
  • Deposit can be left Cash or Credit / Debit Cards


  • Provided within 24 hours within the territory of Albania


  • 200.00 EURO


  • Cross-border rentals are permitted within European countries. A prior written authorization is required.
  • This kind of rentals should be requested from the Renter Company at least 2 working days prior the pickup date. Please contact with the Reservations Department for further information.
  • Customer is obliged to purchase the green card which covers the rented vehicle with basic insurance (T.P.I.) as long as it remains outside of Albania.
  • Road assistance or car replacement while driving abroad is not available.


  • The Rented Vehicle should be driven only by the renter or additional drivers mentioned in the rental agreement.
  • The Rented Vehicle must not be used: for infringing provisions of the Albania Road Circulation Code, for any purpose contrary to Albanian law, for towing other vehicles, for transporting heavy objects or baggage, flammable materials, or pungent objects, outside the asphalt road network, and/or use under the influence of alcohol, narcotic or toxic substances or speeding.
  • In addition, the vehicle must not be transported via boat; or across country borders without the prior written authorization of  Car Rentals Company.


  • A minimum fee of 30 EURO will be charged for special cleaning where a Rented Vehicle is returned in an unsatisfactory condition and/or with a dirty interior.


  • All vehicles included in our catalogues are illustrative only. Actual vehicles may vary and you may be provided with a similar model at Car Rentals Company discretion.


  • The renter is obligated to provide a vehicle to the lessee for a specified price.
  • The lessee becomes the righteous owner of a car during the period of rent.
  • The renter insures the car and the lessee.
  • The renter is obligated to check the condition of the vehicle and ensure that it is safe to use before the rent.
  • The car that the renter provides must be clean and tanked up.


  • The lessee must have at least one year of driving experience,
    use the car only in the territory of Albania (unless the renter specifies differently). The mileage of the rented car is unlimited.


  • In the course of the performance of the rental process, it is necessary to collect some personal data. It is mandatory to provide all the requested information. In the absence of such information, [Car Rental Company] (Data Controller) will not be able to correctly process your rental. The Data Controller will use your personal data to assist you with reserving, renting, and leasing vehicles and for marketing purposes. You may correct factual errors in that data or exercise your right to access, update, or delete personal data by sending a request to the Data Controller using the contact details provided in the rental agreement that you signed when you collected the vehicle. Privacy Policy on www.rentalcar.al.


  • The lessee undertakes full responsibility if a non insurable event occurs during the period of rent. The lessee takes the responsibility for all the consequences that may occur if transferring the car to a third person. If the lessee violates the road traffic rules he must pay all related penalties.
  • In case of car theft the lessee must compensate the damage if don’t return the car keys and registration documents to the renter.